Free Estimates 

We provide a detailed and efficient way to organize the construction plans by displaying a free estimate to our costumers. In this manner, the land owner and providers will have clear knowledge on what is to be done at the work sight, as well as, understand the total cost of materials and labor. 

Various Types of Handiwork & Roofing

Our company not only provides roofing installation, but also paint jobs, siding, metal roofing installations, windows, and ceramic tile. All that is provided contains a five year guarantee, against any damage or failure caused by thunderstorms or other natural causes. 


In order to maintain an immaculate work space, we provide disposing of all trash during work progress. We also supervise work in process; in order to assure the smallest details are being accomplished and absolute perfection of all work. We provide this and much more, in order to perceive total satisfaction of all costumers in every aspect of the job. 



I started off as everyone else would start their business. With a great dream, but little to provide for it. As a person I searched for a job and found that many required great skills. It dawned on me that I had to learn everything possible in order to be accepted into a good paying job. Roofing was my first opportunity at earning my spot on a working team. I learned fast and worked efficiently. As humans we all have to start somewhere, and though I continued to grow in skill, something inside of me longed for a greatness further than that of which I possessed. With the help of my family, and my former employers, I was able to progress in my job and acquire many more skills to get me to where I am. A Licensed Contractor. Even as I reached my goal, I still required my own skilled workers. After searching for various people, I accomplished my final goal. As soon as we hit the first job, news of my recently developed company spread, and at last I was able to provide costumer satisfaction with my own accomplishments. As a beginner, I had to put forth a lot of effort and dedication. As a contractor, I have to put forth a lot out of my time, to assure at the end of every job, that the costumer is completely satisfied with the job.




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To apply for a job with Montecino Home Improvements, please send a cover letter to the following E-mail: german_montecino12@yahoo.com